Small Business Institute® Fellows

The Small Business Institute® (SBI) Association recognizes as Fellows those members whose accomplishments are particularly noteworthy to the Association.  This is the highest honor that the Small Business Institute ® provides to its members, and the Fellows serve as a group of senior advisors to the Board of Directors and work with newer members in a mentoring capacity.  A SBI member becomes a Fellow upon nomination from another Fellow or current officer, and is voted in by the other Fellows.  The Fellows elect a leader, called the Dean of Fellows, who oversees the administration of Fellows’ activities.   

1) The criteria for the awarding of SBI Fellowship are:

a) substantial involvement with and service to the Small Business Institute

b) significant scholarly productivity in the fields of small business and entrepreneurship
      ("scholarly productivity" shall include research, publications, teaching and service)

c) must be a current member and have a minimum of 6 years of consecutive membership leading up to the time when nominated

2) Current officers of the SBI are not eligible to be nominated

3) Current officers and active Fellows may nominate candidates for Fellow.
     (an "active" Fellow is a current member or member emeritus of the SBI)

4) Only active Fellows may vote in the election of new Fellows

5) Each nominee is voted upon separately (not against each other) and must receive at least 60% of the votes cast to be elected

6) A maximum of two new Fellows may be elected each year.  If more than two persons receive a 60% or higher vote in a given year, only the two receiving the highest vote percentages will be elected.

 7) Nominations must include a two-page c.v. specifically prepared for the Fellows election and focusing on all of the criteria listed above under #1

For questions about the Fellows, contact Ron Cook, Dean of Fellows.

The SBI Fellows are:

Don Altman
David M. Ambrose
Michael Ames
Stephanie Bardwell*
John Batchelor
Joe Bell
Don B. Bradley III
Robert Brockhaus
Jack E. Brothers
Sam Bruno*
Roosevelt  Butler*
Shawn Carraher
Donald M. Clause
Ronald  Cook
Joel Corman*
Denise Cumberland
Dale Dickson
Paul Dunn*
Blake Escudier
Lloyd W. Fernald
Gwen Fontenot
Geralyn McClure Franklin
Doug Frazer
Fred Fry
Oliver Galbraith III*
Frederick Greene
 Michael Harris
 John Hendon
Kirk Heriot
Lynn Hoffman
Andrew Holt
David S. Hovey
Dewey Johnson*
Robert Justis*
Rudolph Kagerer
Bruce Kemelgor
Robert Kemp
Robert J. Kerber*
John Kerr*
Fred Kiesner
Chris Kobler
Chyi-lyi (Kathleen) Liang
Richard D. Lorentz*
Robert  Lussier
Charles H. Matthews
William C. McDowell
Raj Mahto
Eugene L. O’Conner*
Stephen  Osborne
Whitney Peake
Neal Pruchansky
Ronald  Rubin*
Howard F. Rudd, Jr.
Lowell M. Salter*
Homer L. Saunders*
Pamela Schindler
Jeff Shields
Lincoln  Simon
Leo  Simpson
Joseph  Singer
Ricardo L. Singson*
Harriet Soll
George T. Solomon
Matt Sonfield
Winston D. Stahlecker
Harriet  Stephenson
Sherrill R. Taylor
Lyle R. Trueblood*
Dianne Welsh
Mark K. Weaver
Craig Zamzow*



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