2016 Competitive Paper Award Winners

Best Applied Paper - Military Veterans and Civilians Response to Entrepreneurship Training

Sharon Kerrick, University of Louisville

Denise Cumberland, University of Louisville

Namok Choi, University of Louisville

Distinguished Applied Paper - New and Ongoing Retail Venture Strategy

Matthew Sonfield, Hofstra University

Best Teaching Paper - Developing and Embedding Student Skills for the Management of a Small Tax Firm: Evidence from a University-Level Experiential Learning Program

Christine Kuglin, MSU Denver

Andrew Holt, MSU Denver

Michael Montoya, MSU Denver

Distinguished Teaching Paper - Strategic Planning and Field Based Consulting

D. Lynn Hoffman, Metropolitan State University

Johannes Snyman, MSU Denver

David Bechtnold, MSU Denver

Ann Murphy, MSU Denver

Best Empirical Paper - Internet Presence as a Small Business Capability: The Case of Mobile Optimization

Troy Voelker, University of Houston - Clear Lake

Doug Steel, University of Houston - Clear Lake

Elsa Shervin, University of Houston - Clear Lake

Distinguished Empirical Paper - Website Quality for SME Wineries: Measurement Insights

Bonnie Canziani, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Dianne Welsh, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Best Conceptual Paper - The Role of Confidence in the New Venturing Process

Justin Weinhardt, University of Calgary

Justin Davis, University of West Florida

Olga Petricevic, University of Calgary

Distinguished Conceptual Paper - High Performance Work Systems: A Necessity for Startups

Josh Bendickson, East Carolina University

Jeffrey Muldoon, Emporia State University

Eric Liguori, University of Tampa

Chelsea Midgett, East Carolina University



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